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Sturgeon Fishing

Posted by Skipper Mike on July 16, 2016 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (230)

Hello, Well as I said I geared up to sturgeon fish and finally got the chance


The first trip was just a practice run of sorts. When we arrived at the YoYo Launch below Rock Island Dam the first one we ran across was Hurd of Hurds guide services, and he gave us a quick run down of the dos and don't especially low spots in the river and also how deep he has been catching fish..


We did anchor up and did get a few bites that first time, but no fish but we scouted and saw where Hurd anchored and made a note of it and would try there when we came back.


Everyone we talked to that day was very nice and very informative. all in all it was a nice first day.


So I had the itch to try again soon as I thought we were on to something. So the next available day Ernie could go we took the opportunity and started earlier this time. We were on the water before 8:00


There were a handful of boats around but no one where we wanted to try first. So we anchored up and altho it was deeper than we were told the fish may be we tried it anyway.


Well within 10 minutes or so I got a bite and hooked a fish! I could feel it was big but them it wasn't making a big run so I horsed it close but then it took off and I figured it was bigger than first thought . I fought it for 1/2 hour then gave the pole to Ernie, I could tell it was going to be a fight, and Ernie wanted to fish so he got the chance. He fought it for about an hour, finally giving the pole back to me and I fought it the fish did not want to come in it was a lot of fun but very tiring. Finally after almost 90 minutes I got the fish in close to the boat and we saw how big it was. Since the limit is 72 inches we thought it looked bigger, so we measured and it was about 83 or so, so after pictures we released him. Ernie wanted to go again so we did but after a few times just checking the bait I realized if we were to catch another I would not be able to bring it in Ernie agreed and we pulled anchor and headed in. I did have my Mobius camera on my cap and it was recording so here is the link to the video here, check it out!! Now I am concentrating on Salmon fishing as the Brewster Derby is not far off and Ernie and I are going to fish that!! fun fun fun.. until next time.. go catch a fish!

Begining of Summer 2016

Posted by Skipper Mike on June 28, 2016 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Well it is summer 2016 and I am ready!!

Seems the winters are too long and the summers to short, same as when I was a kid going to school and now that I am an adult- yep I said it “adult”, reminds me of something I just saw from someone on Facebook about how am I even allowed to be an adult.. I mostly do not do adult things!

Guess now that both my parents have passed on it leaves me to be responsible.

Anyway the fishing season is here and big runs of King Salmon are expected as well as Sockeye salmon. The season opens July 1st for Kings no word yet if they are opening sockeye.

But BIG NEWS is they are opening Sturgeon Season on the Columbia River on Wanapum pool and Priest Rapids pool that is from below Wenatchee at Rock Island Dam to the top of Priest Rapids Dam, here is the official news release:


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091


June 21, 2016

Contacts: Chad Jackson, (509) 754-4624, x250;

Jeff Korth, (509) 754-4624, x224

Anglers will be able to harvest hatchery sturgeon

starting July 1 in the upper Columbia River

OLYMPIA Beginning July 1, recreational anglers will have the opportunity to harvest hatchery sturgeon from Wanapum and Priest Rapids reservoirs, state fishery managers announced today.

This is the first time in two decades that anglers will be allowed to retain sturgeon in this section of the Columbia River, said Chad Jackson, district fish biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

Several thousand juvenile sturgeon were released into the upper Columbia River in 2003. Recent surveys indicate many of these hatchery fish have grown to harvestable size. About 4,000 hatchery sturgeon are estimated to reside in Wanapum Reservoir and roughly 2,000 in Priest Rapids Reservoir.

"We believe reducing the number of hatchery fish in these reservoirs will help regional conservation efforts to recover wild sturgeon populations," Jackson said. "We're hoping to remove as many of these hatchery sturgeon as possible."

As part the plan to recover the white sturgeon populations, state fish managers approved this fishery to reduce interaction between wild fish and hatchery sturgeon. WDFW is implementing a size restriction for this fishery that is designed to target hatchery sturgeon while protecting larger wild fish, Jackson said.

Between July 1 and Sept. 30, anglers will be allowed to retain two hatchery sturgeon daily that are between 38 and 72 inches (fork-length) from Wanapum and Priest Rapids reservoirs. Sturgeon caught in these reservoirs will not count toward an angler's annual limit for sturgeon. Anglers will not be required to record sturgeon harvested from the two reservoirs on their catch record cards.

Angler participation and success will determine whether WDFW will reopen the fishery after its scheduled closing date of Sept. 30, Jackson said. WDFW will monitor angler catch and compliance closely.

"We know there are thousands of these hatchery fish residing in Wanapum and Priest Rapids reservoirs," he said. "We don't know whether this will be a onetime opening or if there will be future fishing opportunities."

More details about this fishery can be found on WDFW's webpage at https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/" target="_blank">https://fortress.wa.gov/dfw/erules/efishrules/

So very cool and great timing for me as I was gearing up before this came out to maybe try some catch and release Sturgeon fishing below Rock Island Dam just to try it.

I had to start with an anchoring system, you just can’t throw a coffee can filled with concrete tied to the front of the boat apparently, it is the river and the sturgeon hang in high current just below the dams. Well fortunately for me and the rest of us they have been doing this for many years and also Salmon fish with the same system down in the lower Columbia.

Well, there are a few people that make systems and one is EZMarine out of Oregon another is Leelock out of Ferndale, WA

It is funny Sportsman Warehouse in Wenatchee carries EZMarine products and not Leelock and Hooked on Toys carries Leelock and not EZMarine.

So after much thinking I have gone with the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq9RsTy7E8I" target="_blank">Leelock system.  Check out this video it helped me so muchI must say the you should watch the instruction videos on both and EZMarine definitely has the best videos I recommend you check them out, I will have the links below.

Leelock looks like a great product. I have not used it yet but am in the process of installing it and hope to try it out soon. Check out this video  it is very cool!!

It is quite spendy but figure if you fish the Rivers it is safe to have an anchor that will hold the boat in place. If you go to the Leelock web site that is almost exactly what I am using. I added the link to the Fishing magician’s site check theFishing TV page to see the video of him and Austin Moser sturgeon fishing they are below Rock Island Dam and show catching and releasing huge fish.

It will be the first for me really anchoring so hope it goes well. My good friend Al is going to come practice with me.

So this summer it is Salmon fishing and now sturgeon fishing.

I did do some walleye fishing this spring at Banks Lake which was fun, different for me cuz I never have fished using bottom bouncers, but for some reason it is exciting. Unfortunately, Banks Lake is over an hour drive, but worth it when you get there. I did have a few experiences there that I will talk about some time later. I did see a black bear about 10 miles out of Grand Coulee one after noon which surprised the crap out of me. It was nowhere near the woods where I thought bears hung out. This was close to wheat fields and not far from Barker Canyon turn off.

So just a word of caution no matter where you are camping this year take bear spray and use all you learned or you ned to learn about camping in bear country, like dont leave food out and things like that because I am here to tell you bear do not always stay in the woods!!

So I will try to get some good pictures and videos of my adventures this summer. so stay tuned!

Be safe and if you see me on the water or on the road beep your horn and wave!!





Wenatchee Sportsman Show

Posted by Skipper Mike on March 2, 2016 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello, well I finally did my very first booth at a show! Thanks so much to Merle and Bev Shuyler of www.shuylerproductions.com/wvss.php for the invite.It all went smoothly. The only drawback was I had got a cold a couple of days before and thought I had it licked but Thursday afternoon I lost my voice and it was gone all weekend! bummer but I  made it thru it. I had some help from my brother Ernie and sister Melinda a few hours each day and that was a great big help.

All in all it really helped me see what I would need to do next time. 

It was really fun meeting all the people and showing my lure covers, alot of people said it was a good idea but then I knew that.

Well I am still getting over this cold thing the sun is out and I am wanting to get ready to go fishing!!

I will try to update this  soon

July 2015

Posted by Skipper Mike on July 6, 2015 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)



well the Salmon season has opened and the fish came to play as did a ton of Fishermen here to Brewster!!!


The Wells Dam count is Chinook- 27,467 this year so far and 2,233 were counted on July 2nd!! but this is crazy- The sockeye count is 56,594 this year with 11,712 counted on July 2nd wow wow wow that is a bunch of fish!! And their destination is Lake Osoyoos in BC but they will not go up the Okanogan until the water gets the right temperature and that will not happen anytime soon. that is a lot of hungry fish waiting and piling up at the mouth of the River in the mainstream Columbia. The boat launch isn Brewster is packed all the way up to the High School parking lots.


The camping areas have been booked so not much of a chance there. We do have a new launch in Bridgeport and not sure if that is all filled up. There is also a new launch below Wells Dam that I have not had a chance to check out yet.. Pateros is full I imagine.


It is super HOT HOT HOT here, but will cool off soon I think. There is a Salmon seminar in Pateros on July 10th that every one should go to, I am going to try my best to go. Jerrod Gibbons of the Okanogan Valley Guide service and Ron Oules of Reelentless Guide Service will be talking and I have seen them both put tons of fish in their boats, and have attended Jerrod's seminars before and he does a great job and will answer all questions. I have not heard Ron talk so that will be interesting!! check out the Fishin Magician's web page for more information!

There is also a great article in this months Northwest Sportsman Magazine about fishing here in the Brewster pool with good tips from Jerrod on how to fish for the record run of Sockeye!!check it out also we have an ad in the market place there- be sure to check out  the August issue we will have a 1/2 page ad!! Thanks to all of them over there! 


I have not been out fishing yet but will soon and will post pictures on our https://www.facebook.com/MaukFishingStuff?ref=hl" target="_blank">Facebook Page!!

Thanks for stopping by my web site. Have a nice July and for goodness sake use your sunscreen while in the sun and be careful!!


Mike and Mom

june 2015

Posted by Skipper Mike on June 10, 2015 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well it is June and I am still getting the boat ready to go fishing. I picked up a new ARCH from Rod Dog Arches out of Anacortes,WA. I saw his ad in the Northwest Sportsman Magazine and got ahold of him and he made one for me it is beautiful!! -The welding looks textbook.


I have it installed and now am outfitting it. I bought a 50" led light bar for the front and a 10" light bar for the rear along with spreader lights for the sides, so am installing them. I will not have problems seeing in the early mornings!!

I also just bought a Comet 60" dual band VHF/UHF antenna for my Ham radio. So that will be handy.

 So need to finish that up and get it geared up for the season.

 We finally are getting hot weather today is over 80 degrees.

 Well, I just looked and so far 9392 Chinook Salmon have crossed Wells Dam, and 2 sockeye, which is the last dam with a fish ladder. The Okanagan River is running high and muddy but not so much from snow run off as our snow pack this year was light but due to some heavy rain storms the last week. I am sure the Methow river is up as well.

 Well I am sewing like crazy trying to get way ahead in case I get some big orders, I have been advertising a lot, and made a big sale from a fisherman in Western WA that saw the ad in Northwest Sportsman Magazine!!

 That is all I have for now. Be sure to check out our new app! and get out there and do some fishing!!:)

 Until next time be safe and have fun

next will be about my new interest and the toys that go with it.... can you say DRONE?:D


Posted by Skipper Mike on May 25, 2015 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Well it is time to get this updated!


Summer has come to the Pacific Northwest it feels like!


The Salmon are coming with a total of over 6 thousand so far that have been counted crossing the Wells Dam the last dam on the Columbia river with a fish latter! so that is good news.


I see on facebook the locals are trying to rally to get the season opened June16th this year instead of July 1st. sounds good to me.


I have been busy doing more advertising this year. I placed an ad in the local Omak paper, then placed an ad in the NorthWest Sportsman magazine which ran in May and will run thru the summer. It looks cool and thanks to those folks over there for the nice work they do. I talked to Becca and she plans on coming to the derby this year so will get a chance to meet her maybe, more on the derby later.


I also got ahold of Dave Graybill  the Fishin Magician and made a deal with him to place my logo and a link to my web site on his web site. He has a lot of exposure and so that may help.


So I am working on my company hoping it will take off sometime.


Stay tuned for the next entry and it will talk about the Brewster King Salmon Derby it is going to be a good one this year

I will also post updates and also aqn update on the upgrades on my boat!!

 Get out and enjoy the world!!

End of 2014

Posted by Skipper Mike on December 14, 2014 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Well I am adding another combo pack- I was talking to Jerrod Gibbons of the Okanogan Valley Guide Services and he reminded me that the forecast for the Sockeye is going to be HUGE again in 2015. So I already make the dodger cover it is the 8.5x10, it fits the 0 dodger we use mostly here, and the 6.5x6.5 cover that is the mid size. So I put them in a combo package for a mere $9.00 here on this web site cheapest and of course everything is free shipping and I accept PayPal.


Well our boat is put away for the winter, now when winter gets here I will feel better about taking the batteries and all out. I just bought new batteries all around for the boat and of course I could not leave out the Pick-up and the Jeep, and while I was at it I had to replace the lawn tractor/snow plow battery.


So I took the batteries out of the boat and have them stored inside with a battery tender on them.


Well,, I would like to make it to some trade shows this winter, but by myself it is hard to do, so I may just try to make it to a couple, the Spokane one in March for sure, and see what it is going to take to get set up to take my covers next year. I am also planning on going to Rickreall, Oregon, by Salem in February to the big Hamfest there. I can see my niece and her family as I pass through and hopefully meet up with my friend and fellow Ham Larry W7WX while I am there.


I am not sure I am going to sponsor the Brewster Salmon Derby this next year, it was a lot of work and I gave over $1,200.00 worth of covers and gift certificates away and have not had one direct sale stemming from that that I know of. Not one of the $10.00 gift certificates have been redeemed yet.


So I am basically selling most everything on eBay, and my sales on Amazon are picking up as well. I really appreciate the ones that come to this site to order, it is a better deal for you and me. The new www.fishingtacklecovers.com web site has had very few sales, and it is a very cool site with Big Commerce. Not sure why it does not take off.


Oh well. I am keeping busy and the ones that buy and leave feedback all have something NICE to say!! Thanks so much.


I also got a new app, first it was free to me but I ended up paying for the enhanced one that offers more and will be available in the Apple app store soon. Here is the link check it out and let me know what you think. http://fishingtacklecovers1.appsme.com


I am giving free gifts with purchases of $10.00 or more. I hope everyone reading this has a Great Christmas and a even better NEW YEAR 2015!!!


Bye for now 73 de W7MCM


Happy Holidays to You!!

check out our new app



Posted by Skipper Mike on November 14, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi everyone check out my new APP  thanks



Posted by Skipper Mike on April 21, 2014 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi well I have been having time on my hands so have been trying new marketing stuff. I signed up for Big Commerce and they have alot of tools to hopefully help me get more of my products sold. Through their site I now have a store that is on FACEBOOK, which may help make it easier for folks to buy. Also my friend Gary turned me on to MADE IN THE USA  a site that advertises for those of us that make our products  here in the mighty USA. They needed a logo so have been checking that out- I have found a free one that I can use on web sites then I can buy it to use every where. So will see how that workd. So Mom is not doiing to well she turned 92 this year and is not getting around at all very good. So very unsure if we will be going fishing with her. Too bad I did purchase a new Cannon Downrigger a digitroll 10, it is VERY nice so can not wait to use it.

Ok will get back to work more later, and check out my new site with the domain name www.fishingtacklecovers.com

bye now


August 2013

Posted by Skipper Mike on August 7, 2013 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, unfortutely we have not been fishing much. Mom just does not feel up to it, she really would love to go but she physically can not.

I took Ernie my brother out right before the big Brewster Salmon derby and we hooked 2 and one got off next to the boat, dam barbless hooks, and the other a nice 10 or 12 lber was wild and the rules this year do not allow any wild ones to be kept.,so we released him at the boat. We did catch a 10 " wall -eye the little bug eye was just a bit bigger than the super bait lure it tried to eat.. It was fun and nice to get out.

Well now I am putting all my efforts in to stock piling lure covers of all sizes and colors so we will have them on hand in case we sell a bunch. We did start listing them on Amazon.com and had 2 sale right away but no more yet. I have sold over 1000 of the regular size lure covers off ebay..

just wish ebay did not charge so much to sell there.

Any way, I am thinking about getting a sail rite 111 sewing machine so I can really get some covers done and maybe expanding to do reel covers and carrying cases.

That is about all I am doing for now. Mom is still sewing for me, and I need to keep an eye on her but she does a good job. I have done alot of sewing the last couple of months and it is a job!!! I would need to get a more comfortable chair to stay in there long. Mom does amaze me by being able to sew in there for hours..

Well, I will leave it at that for now.. more later ..

oh I am hitting all the fishing folks face book pages and web sites and liking them and posting on their pages with the link to this web site.. no bites yet but who knows