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Fishing 2013

Posted by Skipper Mike on June 27, 2013 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi well here we go again, I start this but get way to busy to keep it going.

The Salmon are coming in by the hundreds now with over 300 a day coming over Wells Dam,  check the Fish counts on the links page I will put the link on the Home page as well. So far today the 27th there at 5333 kings counted coming over the dam and 2850 Jack so that is a big number, and the sok-eye are showing as well  with 876 in so far.

Not sure if sock-eye will be open on opening day due to they open it on there numbers. It was open last year  on the 1st of July.

I hate to say but Mom is not doing so good and may not be able to fish like we have in the past. We are going to make a trial run tomorrow and see how she does.

So like I said if she cant go, I will be taking others but under the condition that they bring some one to visit wiht Mom while we are goine... Unless I have some one here like my dear sister..

Anyway, I will update as I can. The weather is supposed to get hot this week end so hopefully the fish do not head on up the Okanogan river, they will go up  when the water conditions are right for them.

Happy fishing to you all and will keep this going

Fish are in 2012

Posted by Skipper Mike on August 9, 2012 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, the Kings are in the Brewster area. Mom caught 2 smaller ones Monday.  Then on Tuesday we (I) landed a24 lb king using watermelon cut plug super bait with the Dippin Sauce that  the Okanogan County Guide service Gerard Gibbns makes and sells. It is the sh---t. anyway then today Mom caugh a nice 13 lber, The meat is so good right now. We have caught a few sockeye, although we dont usually fish for them, oh and I am sure you have heard this story before, but until it happened to us I would not believe it.

We were fishing for Kings the 2nd or 3rd time out this year and had not had so much as a bite on anything yet, and all of a sudden I heard a comotion in the back of the boat and I looked and in the engine well was a sockeye- it had jumped in to the back of the boat!!!!. I grabbed it fast as I could since I  knew it would be hard enough to get anyone to believe a fish jumped in the boat even if I had the fish to show them, but with out, I am afraid no one would believe it.

Well I got it and we cooked it for dinner that night and it was very good. So that is our fish story.

I will try to keep this blog updated but it may not happen, I get side tracked.

Enjoy the web site and the summer,


2012 fish counts

Posted by Skipper Mike on August 9, 2012 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The Wells Hydroelectric Project, located on the Columbia River, has fish ladders at each end of the dam. Fish ladders allow adult fish to easily pass the dam in their upstream migration. From May 1st to November 15th Salmon and Steelhead are counted 24 hours a day on their journey through the Wells Dam fish ladders. These adult fish are headed to spawning areas and hatcheries in the Columbia, Methow, and Okanogan rivers. Once these fish have reached Wells Dam, they have migrated 515 miles from the mouth of the Columbia. Some of these fish will swim an additional 100 miles before they are ready to spawn. The Wells Project is the last dam on the Columbia River to provide fish passage.

  1. Fish Count Data Year to Aug 2, 2012 Totals
  2. Chinook Adults 34,675
  3. Chinook Jacks 2,826
  4. Sockeye 322,117
  5. Wild Steelhead  450
  6. Hatchery Steelhead 385
  7. Coho  0

Mikes Wake up call

Posted by Skipper Mike on December 4, 2011 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi, well  as some of you may know, I have had 2 bouts of oral cancer, the first in April this year 2011 and it was a piece of cake compared to the second. The last round of cancer was more in my floor of the mouth and my tongue and took extensive surgery to repair it. But I am home now and am awaiting radiation treatments later this year into next year. so on this blog thread I will keep my health posted as well as I can. fell free to add comments.

Thanks, Mike

from a buyer off ebay

Posted by Skipper Mike on July 29, 2011 at 8:53 PM Comments comments (0)

I sold Jody some lure safe's off my ebay listing and this is what she said, what had happened is I accidentally sent her 2 less that what she had ordered, I hate making mistakes, but it does happen, anyway this is what she wrote me:

I'm really excited about getting the rest of the covers. We do a lot of camping and boating and our poles always go with us, but it is so frustrating when we have to untangle the web of poles that is created in transit every single time. I'm looking foreward to our next trip and not having to do this. I was trying to come up with a solution myself that was inexpensive, but wasn't having any luck. So I thought I would check out eBay and see what they had to offer in the way of fishing rod storage. That's when I found you. My husband was totally amazed. He said "wow, you can find anything on eBay". Thanks again for the quick response and great customer service. Jody

fish counts

Posted by Skipper Mike on July 26, 2011 at 11:14 PM Comments comments (0)

.  Hi, well we went fishing Monday the 25th, it was nice when we went out, but after a few hours it got stormy and windy looking. with lightning all around, so we were back home at 8 am. Glad we were cuz it rained most of the rest of the day.

Then we were going to go this morning, when I woke at 3:30  it was nice and calm, so I got Mom up and was getting ready to take the 1st load to the boat and it was getting breezy. I checked the weather report and it said breezy with winds to 6mph. So we decided not to go out.

 A little later I was messing  around on the internet and I saw that we had a sale of one of our LURE SAFEs  from here on the web site- far out we sold our very first lure cover, 2 actually, blue ones to someone in Texas.  I sure hope he likes them, I know I sure do.

Right after that I recieved notice that someone from Ohio bought 5 LURE SAFEs off our EBAY listing.

Very cool, maybe we will sell some after all.

Oh, what I started this for was I checked the fish counts and the highest yet came over Wells Dam July 20th=1,522 Chinook Kings, total now is 14,207 and 7,328 Sockeye came over that same day, for a total of 59,633 for the year, boy those fish counters are really busy!!!

They are a few days behind posting on the web site

,. So they are coming over.

Well Mom and I are getting up early again in the morning to give it a shot, now Mom says maybe a little wind would be ok. She is getting ansy to catch more fish!!!

I will post a report when it happens.

Later, Mike

VIP company

Posted by Skipper Mike on July 21, 2011 at 10:47 AM Comments comments (0)

Well we had  a VIP, as Mom calls him, come and go fishing with us this week .  So Monday morning when we got up at 3:30 am the wind was blowing a little and our VIP had been watching the news and he mentioned  storm and wind, and of course I told him to SHUT-UP. But it was to late, the words were spoken out loud and it set the mode for the day. We headed to the launch and there were a couple of boats out and a couple more ready to launch. So I backed in to the launch and before I got the boat off the trailer, our VIP realized he had forgot his life jacket at the house, fortuneately we live close to the boat launch so we rushed back home and got it and back to the launch, and this time we were the only boat there ready to launch. We got in the water just fine and headed out. It was a bit windy  and rough.

We got to the mouth of the Okanogan River where I figured we would start. It wasquite rough, but we were ready to fish! Well after about  an hour of being tossed around and Mom really not feeling well and me really not feeling very lucky, we called it and went back home.

I forgot to mention that during the fishing trip he also realized he had left his fishing license in his truck at the house. Thank goodness the Game Warden slept in!!

Our Vip was returning home the next morning and needed his air conditioning worked on so we got ahold of Bill Hoffman at Lakeshore Automotive in Pateros, and he could look at it. So we took it over and dropped it off and got home, the wind had died down some and Mom was taking a nap, so the VIP and I decided to try fishing again. We headed out with out any problems and fished for an hour or so and it started getting to hot so again not feeling very lucky, I called it and we left the fish in the river and we came home to eat and visit. Of course our visitor says he really didn't care if he caught fish or not,but  we were all dissappointed about  not catching any fish. Perhaps he will come over again before the summer ends.

In case you wonder- the VIP is my older brother Tom from Roy, Wash. Thanks for coming over.


Posted by Skipper Mike on July 20, 2011 at 5:29 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, I have to say that fishing has been off to a slow start this year. Mom got a 8 pound Triplod Trout at Rufus Wood reservior in June,  and also a nice rainbow on the same trip.

Then when Salmon season opened July 1st, we were out fishing at 4AM and was surprized that only a few boats were out that day. Guess they had heard that the fishing was going to be bad.

We went out 4 times before Mom finally hooked one, a nice 16lb hatchery hen. When we took it to the Triangle Service station where Bob Fately has the Derby every year, we were the 1st to log a fish in for the season, and that was the 13th of July. Mom was proud to say the least, well I was to for sure.

We have been out a few times since and no luck. The water is really high in the river and they are releasing a ton of water over Chief Joe and Wells dam and the Okanogan River is high and muddy.

The people I have talked to think the fish may not be holding in the usual spots but actually going on up the Okanogan and Methow Rivers since the water temp is still cold. I really dont know, but there are very few boats fishing and very few fish caught.

The numbers are really good with thousands of Sockeye salmon coming over Wells Dam and hundreds of Chinook salmon coming over as well. As of July 15th 8,932 Kings and 27,882 Sockeye  salmon have come over Wells dam.

Last week they opened the Sockeye season, with a limit of 4, not including Chinook. I need to go look to see what the limit is for Kings, I think it is 3 with only 1 wild per angler. I need to look and will update this.

Well I will write more later,