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#5-10" x 13.5" large flasher and Dodger covers


These covers are 10" WIDE x13.5 inches LONG and they  fit the 12" pro troll flashers and Hot Spot Flashers we use for Salmon fishing and they fit in the bigger tackle boxes nicely.

We are using 18 gauge vinyl for the clear lure covers. This clear vinyl is a flexible yet durable product that has many uses:Material: 100% Virgin VinylCold Crack: 0 Degrees, Double Polished, UV Resistant.  It is shatterproof, stain resistant and can withstand hot and cold temperatures. No need to worry about spills as the vinyl is moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a cloth.

For the colored covers, maroon, blue and white we use shelter rite 18oz material..It is a tough, abrasion, tear and punture resistant vinyl coated polyester.

Waterproof and non-wicking, mildew resistant. Flexible even in extreme temperture changes.

We are using WBC brand Hook and Loop velcro type fastener sewn on very well, double stitched.




Item number: 6754336_3179170_43…6754336_3179170 _4399585 clear 10 guage

Item number: 6754336_3179170_48…6754336_3179170 _4820883 clear 20 Guage

Item number: 6754336_3179170_57…6754336_3179170 _5710929 blue

Item number: 6754336_3179170_57…6754336_3179170 _5710931 maroon

Item number: 6754336_3179170_57…6754336_3179170 _5710930 white

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